Affiliate diary month 6

Well all I can say it’s been blast. My Top affiliate mistakes Thinking I can become an affiliate in a day. Oh how naive I am I suppose I always have been. Hopping onto this trying that and not getting anywhere. If you have taken a look around my site, you will see I haveContinue reading “Affiliate diary month 6”

My affiliate diary week 6

Hi readers, old and new click here for vlog version Hope you are all well, and we are making progress well just posted week five, so I thought I best make a start on week 6. I’m just going to update daily to keep you posted. Then there will be my main posts on specificContinue reading “My affiliate diary week 6”

Sunday Slow day

Passive Affiliate Income Streams. Read a few articles online about passive incomes and affiliate income streams. Organised a logo and been advised by my son I needed a youTube intro. So sorted that as well, so hopefully have something to add to the site tomorrow. Also wrote out a list of things for next youtubeContinue reading “Sunday Slow day”