What Are Keywords

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What Are Keywords For SEO

Well, where do I start I must have rewritten this about ten times to make it sound right. First, what are keywords I’m just assuming that an absolute newbie is going reading this? So a keyword is a word relevant to your blog or webpage, etc.

They all have different rankings with search engines every word in just about every language, crazy right yeah. Feels a bit overwhelming doesn’t it but don’t worry we will do this together.

Below are some of the questions that get asked about Keywords and SEO they are both related, but I thought I had best do separate pages for them.

  • How to search for keywords
  • What are seo keywords
  • Seo keyword tool
  • What is a search engine optimisation
  • How to search keyword
  • What is the seo

Researching keywords for seo

The best thing you can do now is researching keywords for SEO if you are thinking whats SEO scroll to the bottom for a link.

First, take a step back with your niche and idea, take you time to do some keyword research before you start building a fantastic website even down to your domain name make it relevant and more manageable for google to know what the site is about.

Because no one is going to see it unless you do this part right. If you haven’t got a pad and paper get one as you might want to take some notes or phone, don’t feel I need to put a smartphone, but I have now haha.

What Are Keywords
Finding keywords for your blog or website

How to search for keywords

Then we move on to do some relevant keyword searches I Use can highly recommend KWfinder I don’t think I need to use anything else at the moment but let me know what you are using me will a blog at some point but its all quite self-explanatory, there is a free trial as well to see if you like it so click here if you fancy taking a look

Keywords in SEO are just words that you have cherry-picked as I have for this blog from a massive list on the internet as I said above I use KWfinder it’s free to start with so why not give it a whirl. You then use them to achieve search engine optimisation. You put all of the highest search volume words you can find throughout your page to maximise its SEO position. Your word ranking on google gets noticed, and you start getting impressions which will eventually lead to customers for your website or blog.

LongTail Keywords

What are SEO long-tail keywords well we covered the SEO part above and Keywords? So a long-tail keyword it’s quite self-explanatory its a series of keywords to make a phrase. That you can use in your content.

There are a few tools out there to help you find them. I find answerthepublic.com is an excellent source of information. Answer the public Is a superb longtail keyword generator. Just don’t wait around too long or the person on the screen gets frustrated. It has a sizeable how-to-use area so that I will cover the basics here you put in your word or words and search, i.e. fish food then it comes up with hundreds of different versions and pretences.

Keyword planning for SEO

How do you go about planning your article?

You have decided on your niche, started and registered your website. Then you need to do your keyword searches I use Kwfinder as mentioned above.

You have your Subject For Example Keywords, you then head to whichever keyword finder tool you use to pop it in there and search through all of the results questions long tail suggestions that pop up I tend to use them as a topic heading for example right now Keyword planning for SEO is 140 a month visits and a difficulty of 11 for other pages on website take a look below an to subscribe to my site to be kept up to date with all the latest blogs.

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