What Is SEO

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What SEO is

SEO is an acronym of Search engine Optimisation. Still not sure I wasn’t either I know its a minefield out there, it is basically how search engines rank your website or blog. It’s rated on your keywords and may other factors. More about keywords in the next topic. Click here to view

  • What is the SEO
  • What are keywords for SEO
  • What is the search engine optimisation
  •  Keyword planning for SEO
  • Researching keywords for SEO
  • finding keywords for SE

What is SEO

You want to get to the number one spot don’t we all, so your research has started what SEO is. How do i go about ranking on google search engine, what you need to do is put hours, days, weeks and months into a website by the looks of it. Below are some of the criteria you must fit to be able to rank for search engine optimisation.

  • Keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Internal Links
  • Length Of Content
  • Backlinks
  • Related Content
  • Social Media Sharing/likes
  • Website Age
  • +192 more factors

Yep, there are over 200 factors that google look at to rank your website page blog or post so we will never figure them all out. They don’t want to be looking for a pixie garden and be bombarded with what is SEO keywords and other un-relevant terms. And you don’t want that really either do you.

What we want to try to achieve is the best ranking site with all the right keywords and content. The article needs relevance, the links on the page related to each other. More related but not duplicated content you can put in there Then google picks it up and starts builds up a picture of your site and your niche then lets you into the circle of trust.

What is seo search engine optimisation

Once you’re inside that circle and your URL is appearing on google click here to find out how you check and submit it on google.

You then start getting impressions your content is put onto page 5,995,981 maybe not that extreme but not page one anyway. Also its a case of adding more articles and info to your site with keywords, tags and links to previous posts about the relevant niche.

As your site starts to grow has more relevance more keywords in topics all of this content and links it starts moving up the pages maybe 5,995,980 now yay. You see what I mean it all takes time to get organic traffic or you put £10,000 in Facebook ads and promote a Clickbank item or buy some dodgy bitcoin where they only want 10% of your money haha. See how that goes, not sure I would either. My nect topic is keywords click below. Or watch one of the video descriptions thanks for looking.

what is a search engine optimisation, What is the SEO, what are seo keywords all explained here.

What are keywords for SEO

Keywords for seo are words search engines are looking for to rank your site aginst how you use them is very important.

You should use a keyword finder to help you decided on easier keywords to rank for if your site is new.

Possible keyword service providers

  • Kwfinder.
  • SemRush.
  • Ahrefs.
  • Google Keyword planner.

They are just some of the main sites that can e used to find keywords

  • What is the search engine optimisation
  •  Keyword planning for SEO
  • Researching keywords for SEO
  • finding keywords for SE
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